Exploit iframe malicious code

Did you get information by people who visit your website that your site having dangerous malware or get warn from google that visiting your site may harm everyone computers? 
If that happen because your site contain Exploit.HTML.Iframe malicious code, here's the tip to clean it.
1. Assuming you are using shared hosting with Cpanel, Go to your Cpanel then scan your site with built-in ClamAV in your Cpanel. Write down your files that has been infected. 

2. Change your FTP password immediately and clean up your PC/Laptop from virus / trojan. If you clean up your files and re-upload before changing your FTP password and clean up your computer then your files can be infected over and over again. This is because of trojan that steal your ftp password so they can insert those malicious code to your file. In my case i have to re-format my laptop.

3. Don't save your ftp password in your ftp program and stay away from website that get warn by google.

If your website cleaned done but it's already warned by Google you can ask for their review in Google for webmaster page.

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