Transform your mental, physical and emotional tension

Some strategies that can help transform mental, physical and emotional tension into creative and effective energy.

- Take time to be alone regularly, listen to your heart, check your intentions, re-evaluate your goals and activities.
- Simplify your life, start eliminating trivial things and don't make major minor things.
- Take deep, slow breaths frequently, especially while on the phone, in the car or waiting. Use any opportunity to relax and revitalize yourself.
- Plan to do something each day that brings you joy, something just for you.
- When you're concerned about something, talk it over with someone you trust, or write down your feelings.
- Say 'No' in a firm but kind way when asked to do something you really don't want to do.
- Exercise regularly, stretching releases tension.
- Remember, it takes less energy to get an unpleasant task done 'right now' than to worry about it all day.
- Take time to be with nature, people, music and children. Even in the city, noticing the seasonal changes of the sky or watching people's faces can bring inner harmony.
- Practise consciously doing one thing at a time, keeping your mind focused on the present. Do whatever you're doing more slowly, more intentionally and with more awareness and respect.
- Choose not to waste your life on guilt about the past or concern for the future.
- Learn a variety of relaxation techniques and practice meditation regularly.
- When angry, ask yourself 'what can i learn from this?'. Anyone or anything that can make you angry is showing you how you let yourself to be controlled by expectations of how someone or something should be. When we accept others, ourselves and situations for what they are, we become more effective in influencing them to change in the way that we'd like them to.
- Be more aware of the demands you place on yourself, your environment and on others to be different from how they are. Demands cause tremendous stress.
- If your schedule is busy, prioritise.. do the most important ones first.
- Organize your life to include time for fun, spontaneity and open spaces. Set a realistic schedule allowing some transition time between activities. Eliminate unnecessary commitments.
- Smile and laugh more and be kinder to yourself and others.
- Learn to delegate responsibility.
- Monitor your intake of sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol.
- Welcome change as an opportunity and a challenge to learn and grow.

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