More problem solver tips

- Destroy Desire For Nicotine.
1 Take before breakfast /2 tsp. each of rochelle salts and cream of tartar.
- Destroy Desire For Alcohol.
Mix goldthread with golden seal tea. It creates a violent taste for alcohol.
- Excellent Insomnia Formula.
One tbs. powdered milk, 2 tbs. honey, 1 tbs. brewers yeast, stir into cup of warm milk. Take before retiring.
- Famous Diet Formula Plan.
Mix 1tbs safflower oil to 2 tbs. grapefruit juice, take before meals.
- The 40.00 Beauty Facial.
Spread milk of magnesia over face, let dry, cover again, let dry, remove with damp cloth, then apply some warm olive oil, then apply some ice cold witch hazel.
- How To Improve Your I.Q.
Hydrocotyle asiatica teas are a noted brain food.
- Make A Pantyhose Last Longer.
One tbs. alum, 1 quart water, rinse, let dry, the wash with soap, rinse dry.
- Remove Blood Stains From Carpet.
Sponge immediately with cold water, then use a bit of soap, rinse dry.
- Make Your Guitar Really Shine.
Rub some toothpaste on, let dry, then buff it. It will shine!
- Keep A Burn From Blistering.
Apply ice cubes to burn immediately.
- Remove Ink Stains From Carpet.
Apply a paste of milk and cornstarch, let stand a few hours. Brush off.
- Dry Shampoo Your Pet (GREAT).
Rub baking soda into fur and brush out. Will smell great!
- Put A Shine On Your Windows.
Brush with nylon stocking, then use blackboard eraser to shine.
- Unwrinkling Plastic Materials.
Heat ironing board, lay materials on, smooth with hands.
- Easy Needle Threading (NEAT).
Dip tip of needle in clear nail polish and let dry.
- How To Clean Your Neck Ties.
Put tie in jar with some carbon tetrachloride, shake, take out and let dry.
- Easy Clean Your Nail File.
Press a piece of tape into file, pull off. Remove all dirt.
- How To Remove Scorches.
Wet scorched area and cover with cornstarch, brush off when dry.
- What To Do If You Oversalt Food.
Drop a potatoe or two in it. Absorbs the over-salt.
- Watermelon Ripeness Test.
Look for a creamy surface underneath the melon.
- How To Freshen Stale Nuts.
Stick them in the oven for 15 minutes at 250° C.
- How To Destroy Fish Smells.
Rub butter on your hands or wherever smell is to be removed.
- How To Destroy Onion Smells.
Dampen hands and rub some bicarbonate of soda over them.
- Keep & Use Over Ripe Bananas.
Mash and freeze for making cakes and cookies.
- How To Boil A Cracked Egg.
Add a dash of vinegar to the water.
- How To Make Mocha Coffee.
Instead of milk or cream try some chocolate milk, MOCHA.
- Easy Boiled Egg Peeling.
Keep lid on a few minutes after boiling, pressure causes shell to fall off.
- Eliminate Popcorn Duds- FAST.
Freeze it first, the it will all pop.
- Easy Clean Kitchen Windows.
Add starch to water and clean with a piece of newspaper.
- Easy Clean Silverware - The BEST.
Use baking soda and damp cloth, clean, rinse and let dry.
- Vegetable For Liver & Prostrate.
- Fruit Soothes Intestinal Tract.
- A Fruit For Arthritic Gout.
- An Appetizer Fruit- GOOD.
- Fruit For The Stomach.
- A Fruit For Constipation.
- A Fruit High In Iron.
- Fruit For Neutralizing Acid.
- A Fruit For Healthful Kidneys.
- A Fruit Good For The Nerves.
- Two Fruits Thought Anti-Tobacco.
- A Fruit Thought Anti-Cancer.
- Vegetable Good For Kidney.
- Vegetable That’s Antibiotic.
- Fruit To Tune Blood Vessels.
- Vegetable For Breath Purifier.
- Ingredient Good For The Heart.
- A Vegetable Good For The Eyes.
- A Good Source Of Iodine.
- Vegetable With 6 X More Vitamin C.

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